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Hello My potential pet,

Welcome to the beginning of your new life, your new obsession, your new addiction that is Me



A Femme Fatale, A Goddess, My Perfect Self



Height: 6'

Weight: 128lb

Waist: 26"

Hips: 36"

Breasts: 32C

Legs: 35" Inseam



I'm willing to bet you've spent the majority of your pathetic life searching for this Perfect Goddess... I can give meaning to your pitiful existence.... Just like anyone who meets Me, I know you crave to serve and worship Me, because this is what My inferiors are bred for - To serve Me. I love manipulating the weak minds of males with My divine beauty, then using and abusing them for My own personal entertainment; to corrupt their minds and sculpt them to My will - as inferiors to Me. ALL MEN ARE INFERIOR- and I am here to reinforce this.



Nothing gets Me more excited than breaking down an "alpha". I enjoy turning even the most "preconceived-alpha" of male-creatures into what they truly are... groveling little beggars, just for pure amusement. It is My desire to correct the minds of the modern day male, to humiliate, degrade and feminize them, to punish them for their ways and turn them into more compliant members of a soon to be Female Dominated world. Making males become completely obsessed with Me as I taint their mind and subliminally consume their every thought like a slow-acting poison. 


Dabble in My world if you dare, but realize that I am extremely addictive.


Novice or experienced, it doesn't matter to me. All I want is for you to bend until you break for Me. 


Show Me that you are worthy of such privilege.


This is My sole purpose in life, and yours is to serve Me. 



~Welcome to your new obsession My pets~





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