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SO, WHAT MAKES ME TICK? Good question.

The Seasons  of Rayne


I am a bit of a unique mix, but of the best kind being Sadist as well as Hedonist it is My ultimate desire to find and experience all of life's pleasures. I have a wide variety of fetish interests that range from the nurturing side of Me, the soft and sensual, to more extreme, cruel and actually rather twisted. I am often asked what I enjoy the most and since this is all about Me using you for My personal entertainment, that is a very good question. I do not have an interest that I am solely fixated on and this would all depend on My mood at the given moment. My mood changes, as with the seasons.


IMPORTANT: What I offer is the privilege to indulge yourself in My presence through various fetish activities that I enjoy, that is if you are even worthy of such a privilege. 


Additionally Important: It is unfortunate that I must actually say this, but ORAL on a Woman is not a fetish. It is not taboo, it is not degrading, nor is it even a submissive act for a male to orally please a Woman. It is an escort service and I do not offer it. So don't even mention it.


Moving on,



Some of My life's delights:


Amazon Fetish- I stand at 6' tall, Auralism, Balloons/ Looner Friendly,  Sensory Deprivation, Cages,  Ball Busting, Bi-curious/ forced bi, Boot/ Leg/foot worship, Bondage, Breath Play, Branding/Burning/Carving, Cages/confinement, Chastity, Cling film, CBT, Collar and leash, Corporal Punishment, Cross Dressing/ forced fem, Cuckolding- the lighter forms of Cuckolding, Domestic servitude, Forced Exhibitionism, Face Slapping, Financial Domination*, Food play, Golden Rayne,  Humiliation/ Ignoring/Neglect, Lingerie, Mental torture, Nipple Torture, Obedience Training, Objectification, Painslut training, Pantyhose/Stockings, Pet Training/furries,  Role Play, Shaving/ waxing, Scissoring/ Scissor holds,  Sissification, Smothering- for the purpose of breath play only and is done with spandex on, Sounds, Spanking- OTK, paddle, bare hand, or what ever other item I may find fitting to deliver such punishment, Spitting/horking,  Strap, Tattooing*, Tease & Denial, Trampling, Uniforms, WHAM fun.


..and so much more as I am always looking to expand My interests.

Activities with asterisk (*) may require  consent forms. Cancellations require a minimum of 24h notice, unless of course, the session was booked within 24h- in which case 1/4 of the session fee applies. Those who fail to give proper notice will be subject to pay either 1/4 or 1/2  of the session fee, which is due within 24h of the start time of canceled session. 

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