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SO, WHAT MAKES ME TICK? Good question.

The Seasons  of Rayne


I am a bit of a unique mix, but of the best kind being Sadist as well as Hedonist it is My ultimate desire to find and experience all of life's pleasures. I have a wide variety of fetish interests that range from the nurturing side of Me, the soft and sensual, to more extreme, cruel and actually rather twisted. I am often asked what I enjoy the most and since this is all about Me using you for My personal entertainment, that is a very good question. I do not have an interest that I am solely fixated on and this would all depend on My mood at the given moment. My mood changes, as with the seasons.


IMPORTANT: What I offer is the privilege to indulge yourself in My presence through various fetish activities that I enjoy, that is if you are even worthy of such a privilege. 


Additionally Important: It is unfortunate that I must actually say this, but ORAL on a Woman is not a fetish. It is not taboo, it is not degrading, nor is it even a submissive act for a male to orally please a Woman. It is an escort service and I do not offer it. So don't even mention it.


Moving on,



Some of My life's delights:


Amazon Fetish- I stand at 6' tall, Auralism, Balloons/ Looner Friendly,  Sensory Deprivation, Cages,  Ball Busting, Bi-curious/ forced bi, Boot/ Leg/foot worship, Bondage, Breath Play, Branding/Burning/Carving, Cages/confinement, Chastity, Cling film, CBT, Collar and leash, Corporal Punishment, Cross Dressing/ forced fem, Cuckolding- the lighter forms of Cuckolding, Domestic servitude, Forced Exhibitionism, Face Slapping, Financial Domination*, Food play, Golden Rayne,  Humiliation/ Ignoring/Neglect, Lingerie, Mental torture, Nipple Torture, Obedience Training, Objectification, Painslut training, Pantyhose/Stockings, Pet Training/furries,  Role Play, Shaving/ waxing, Scissoring/ Scissor holds,  Sissification, Smothering- for the purpose of breath play only and is done with spandex on, Sounds, Spanking- OTK, paddle, bare hand, or what ever other item I may find fitting to deliver such punishment, Spitting/horking,  Strap, Tattooing*, Tease & Denial, Trampling, Uniforms, WHAM fun.


..and so much more as I am always looking to expand My interests.

Activities with asterisk (*) may require  consent forms. Cancellations require a minimum of 24h notice, unless of course, the session was booked within 24h- in which case 1/4 of the session fee applies. Those who fail to give proper notice will be subject to pay either 1/4 or 1/2  of the session fee, which is due within 24h of the start time of canceled session. 

The mother

(The nurturing side of Me)


Do you ever feel that you are completely alone in the world, in your mind, or that you are carrying a burden that is too heavy to bare on your own? It is common for My pets to need a little bit of gentle but disciplined encouragement from a strong and Dominant presence from time to time. One who will permit you to shatter into pieces before Her, then put you back together as Her own ideal being.


Admit it, the thought of your head in My lap as I make you confess to Me all of your darkest desires that you have held as your own for so many years would leave you a puddle at My feet. 


I will become the release from all of that which shackles you. A safe haven of acceptance of you and all of your flaws, failures and inferiority. All I expect in return is for your entire being to belong to Me.


~It is truly inevitable. 

The temptress

(Try to resist Me, but it will be in vain)


I know you better than you think. I know your kind. I know you've been thinking about it, fantasizing and dreaming about it, haven't you? Why deny who you are truly? 


I bet you're even thinking about it now aren't you? I laugh at your predicament as your pulse quickens at My words and you know that ever gnawing feeling is there, at times it consumes you. As it should.


For those who hide as a sheep in wolves clothing, I see right through you. It may have started at a very young age, maybe in high school because of that popular girl who bullied and humiliated you? Or your first sexual experience where you realized that you do not measure up which has forever scarred you. But what ever it was that made you who you are today, it was the most thrilling experience of your life, wasn't it? The moment you actually felt alive. I bet you think of that moment often.


What ever it was that has brought you here to Me, I see your scars as a thing of beauty to be embraced.


~Submit yourself to Me as My subject and I will guide you to the place where you belong

The Sadist
(There is a part of Me that wants you to suffer dearly for Me)

Ever since a very young age I realized that I find deep pleasure in pushing Myself as well as others past their mental and physical boundaries. To cause suffering both mentally and physically brings Me to a hightened  state of euphoric pleasure and I can only achieve this through indulging the true Sadist in Me. I also discovered at a very young age My love  to permanently mark others as it is a symbol to Me that they will be forever Mine. My first vanilla male experienced My handy work on his useless hide with a pin and indian ink which I thoroughly enjoyed his drawn out torture, after him I have burned, carved, scratched and bitten My subjects, forever leaving My permanent markings throughout My life's path.


I will admit that the thought of extreme beatings that leave My canvas a beautiful mess as I paint their body with blood and bruises also paints a smile upon My divine lips. 


I will want you to suffer for Me.. If you are courageous and willing to submit yourself to suffer for Me in such ways then do not hesitate to taunt the beast. Our time together will be quite lovely I assure you. your cries in pain coupled by My elated laughter.



~To Me, a true masochist is like a diamond; and as the saying goes- Diamonds are a Girl's best friend


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